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Pretty cool stuff for enabling powershell remoting with powershell.  We'll have to try this in test and see if it works in a 2008 (not R2) domain, maybe with some edits.

Looks like everyone is talking about the coming tech disruption in HiEd.  Add this one to the plethora of articles that have come out in the last months.

Let's do it.
Coming in the end of June:  "native" support for IE for Office Web Apps and Sharepoint and Office Web Apps is coming to Chrome.
For those that manage profiles on general use or lab computers, you may want to look at this delete profile tool.

Nice little plugin to grab Dell Warranty information from the computer you are troubleshooting.  I have 421 days left on my warranty.

If you haven't used SCCM client center when troubleshooting your clients, you'll want to start.

Combo pack now has support for the Exx20 series.

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