Powershell and ConfigMgr

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I just stumbled upon an old post for powershell wmi explorer and have been working with it a bit and it quite nice for exploring WMI and it also gives example scripts for executing methods in the WMI.  Not sure how this escaped me for so long, but here's the series of posts by MoW!


There is also a post by a different blogger that leverages MoW's Powershell WMI explorer to do some actions in ConfigMgr.

There is also a project on CodePlex for PowerShell community extensions for ConfigMgr. It hasn't be updated in awhile, but can be used a base.

Also, this may not be of interest to a lot of you, but snowland has quite a few commands compiled, I'd be interested how well this works with limited rights.

I'll update this post as I find more interesting information.

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