April 26, 2005

Week 14

My reflections regarding the ID final projects consist of mostly followup questions to the contributors -
Yuri's Calculus Crash course - I was curious about the gender implications of the imagery and if this was calculated in relation to a learner's analysis.
Paul's Computer conference tutorial: I like the idea of creating more instruction for the 3 different presences: social, cognitive and teaching. I thought that the teaching/leadership has linkages with industry elearning studies on the role of virtual facilitator. I thought the discussion of argumentation was interesting for additional research - but would have to say that I expected this element in my postgraduate coursework in NZ and it didn't happen - so there is a level of myth operating sometimes I think. However, there are different facilitations in other cultures that are worth considering as resources. There are two aspects that need to be considered in designing for online discussion -1. is teaching the learning structure, 2nd is teaching ways of facilitating discussion - they can be very different.
Jennifer's Healthy website: I thought that I'd like to compare elearning industry games with theirs for points of difference in instructional design.
Cheryl's French language site: I was reflecting on Cheryl's comment that Target relies on use of templates and wondering if she felt that this now infuences how she designs other sites for depth/navigation?
Theano's Greek language site: via personal experience, I feel there's a powerful difference between academic and immersion methods of learning a language - and I wondered if this pointed towards use of more risk elements in the games design for educational language sites.
Kristine's polarhusky tutorial: I'm looking forward to seeing this - and thought the question re updating mechanisms was helpful.
Virginia's job aid site: I wondered if there was any research into library assoc use of databases for knowledge management - they have developed extensive standards, structures etc and it could be useful in the early design of her site?

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