July 31, 2007

Another Year and in a foreign country

I rediscovered this blog, because someone tried to post an ad for Viagra on it. I thought that it was stupid and tacky to find a discarded blog and advertise that on it. On a lighter note, I am in NZ right now and love it. I think that I call home too often, but things have to be sorted out since Mom is coming for a visit. Flight times, taxis, entry, etc all the things that are important for any successful visit. I am super tired. I just spent quite a while working on my Finance class. I was getting the right answers, but not understanding the topics any more. Not a good thing. I can go in tomorrow and try again, but for now my brain is pooped.

I am feeling better today (a good thing since I am getting over a cold). I think that I am up for a weekend trip and will look into booking one for this weekend. I will do that tomorrow since I am too tired right now and will have some time tomorrow.

Some dude just gave me a chocolate which is nice. I LIKE candy! I have had the most enormous sweet tooth recently. It hasn't gone away on its own either. Anytime after a meal I am susceptable to it. I think I might have just doomed myself with that statement. hehe! Oh well such is life.

That is my yearly update. Funny huh? You would think that it would be more nostalgic, but it didn't work that way.

Until next year, Viagra Man!!!


August 3, 2006

Begin of the School Year

Well, the school year may not officially start until the fifth of September, here I am starting my own blog for an assignment. With any luck I will have this class BA1001 finished before that date.
Let me introduce myself I am Clarissa Johnson. I love to read classic novels and short stories. I am getting better at Stained Glass which I took a course in last spring. That is a very exacting art form. It requires great prescion and accuracy. (thankfully not spelling though) :D I don't even want to know how many hours it takes to complete a 3' by 1.5' window. I am now doing my second one. I think I will now wrap up my first entry. Wish me luck for the upcoming school year.