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Minneapolis Choir Leader Accused with Sexual Assault

A local Minneapolis choir leader has been accused Tuesday for allegedly sexually assaulting a Brooklyn Park female minor. After reviewing files, it seems the man has been in an similar situation before.

According to The New York Times, Gregory B. Washington, 32, has been held with a $150,000 bail on two counts of third-degree assault and has an order to stay away from all females under the age of 18.

Latest information provided by The New York Times said at the time of assault the unnamed youth was 15-years-old. The first encounter occurred at her home residence followed by a subsequent assault at Washington's residence in Plymouth.

"We're seeing here that the facts are astonishingly similar, in which he leads a young female through the auspices of the church, had sexual relations with the female and eventually had a child with her," Assistant County Attorney Judith Cole said in Hennepin County District Court of Washington's earlier conviction. "It seems to be a pattern for Mr. Washington."

Pregnancies have resulted from both of Washington's underage endeavors.

A follow-up article by The Star Tribune said that there had been no background check on Washington prior to his employment.

"I would have to be honest and say our implementation of [the background check policy] hasn't been perfect," said Margaret Westin, Minneapolis schools' general counsel. "We know this is something we need to work on."


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