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Police Officers Fail Integrity Test

Two former Ramsey County police officers have been found guilty and sentenced to three year prison sentences Friday for montetary theft, set-up by a sting operation.

Naylon and Timothy Rehak, 48, claim their actions were part of a practical joke.

"This isn't about the money. It's never been about the money," U.S. District Judge Patrick Schiltz said in an interview with The Pioneer Press. "What this is about is an egregious, shameful betrayal of the trust placed in you. You weren't some junkie who stole copper pipes out of a federal building. You were a police officer."

According to an article written by The Star Tribune, the men were caught on video tape find a large duffel bag filled with bills and which progressed to one of the men stuffing money into his coat.

Both men were allowed to speak before their sentencing, however, both declined. The men were given the harshest federal sentences allowed for their crimes.