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100 Dead Following Tribal Confict in Southern Sudan

The act of ethnic cleansing has caused more than 100 deaths in Southern Sudan this weekend, the violence is said to have been started by deep-rooted tribal differences.

During the fighting, many Lou Nuer tribe were killed, some feel that it may have been in retaliation for an attack in March on a rival ethnic group, the Murle, in which more than 400 died. Officials fear now that back-and-forth violence in Jonglei State could escalate unless there is decisive intervention. Only one company of United Nations peacekeepers is currently on the ground.

“The problem with the war is, it brought in large quantities of weapons, so it is much more lethal,” said David Gressly, the United Nations regional coordinator for southern Sudan said in an interview with the New York TImes.

Initial fighting is said to have began over cattle rustling by the Murle. Left-over weapons from the country's civil war that ended in 2005 have been used to fuel the conflict.

Child abduction has also been a common occurrence in the area during times of upheaval. Child Protection International has taken notice of the situation and are dedicated to implementing child registration in hopes of easing the retrieval of such children.