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Chicago Library Bans Bad Hygiene

Patrons of the Schaumburg Township District Library are no longer to enter the building without checking their bodily odor beforehand.

The library recently added a ban on "offensive bodily odors" to its restrictions list along with loud noises and rowdiness.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Director Stephanie Sarnoff said the aroma would have to be so overpowering that it interfered with others' use of the facility. And while the policy stemmed from complaints about an apparently homeless person, Sarnoff said it would apply just as much to an overuse of perfume as an underuse of soap.

"People who use libraries are usually very understanding about the foibles of others," she said. "So when one or more library users complain that another person's hygiene is of such poor quality that it is prohibiting them from pursuing what they want to do, their problem becomes our problem."

Many in the city fear that this ban is unfair.