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Violent Attacks Centered around Roma's in Hungary

A Roma man, many know him as a gypsy, was shot returning from his work shift Saturday and some feel it was by the hands of trained officials.

Roma's who are among Europe's most oppressed minority groups have been the targets of violent attacks for years, over seven cases have been reported in the last year, but just recently three cases have seen to be linked.

According to the Star Tribune, the authorities say the attacks may have been carried out by police officers or military personnel, based on the stealth and accuracy with which the victims were killed.

“One thing to remember, the Holocaust did not start at the gas chambers,” said Lajos Korozs, senior state secretary in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, who works on Roma issues for the government.

Jozsef Bencze, Hungary’s national police chief, said in an interview on Friday with the daily newspaper Nepszabadsag that the perpetrators, believed to be a group of four or more men in their 40s, were killing “with hands that are too confident.” Military counterintelligence is taking part in the investigation.