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Students in Fargo Return to School

Students in Fargo and surrounding areas are looking to return to classrooms beginning next week after their two-week absence.

“I think everybody wants to get back to some sense of normalcy and routine here as quickly as possible,” Fargo Public Schools Superintendent Rick Buresh said Friday to The Inforum.

Some feel that the return may be a brief one. According to the National Weather Service, a prediction that the Red River is 90 percent likely to flood again between April 15-22.

"We want to get back to the rhythms and routines that make life as normal as possible," said Rick Buresh, superintendent of Fargo public schools to The Star Tribune.

The thousands of students varying from elementary to college ages spent most of their time helping the community sandbag due to the flood.

"We would have literally been sunk without them," Buresh said. "We can have great confidence about our future knowing how they distinguished themselves in this."