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Twins Sweep Angels in Weekend Series

The Minnesota Twins were hoping to find a series that they could leave the Metrodome feeling proud of and this weekend they found it.

The Twins exited the weekend with a three-game sweep of Los Angeles Angels, including miraculous win Friday with a seven run rally led by Jason Kubel.

"Friday when we did what we did, it breathed some life back into us, almost like CPR," Twins outfielder Michael Cuddyer said in an interview with the Star Tribune.

The weekend victory could not have come at a better time. After losing three of their four games against Toronto, manager Ron Gardenhire needed something positive to say to the team.

"There's that doubt in your mind when you get beat, 'What are we doing?' " Gardenhire said. "It puts more pressure on to do things. So a couple of games like this sort of reminds you that you are a good baseball team."

Some feel that the Angels performance may have been affected by the recent loss of 22-year-old pitcher Nick Adenhart in a traffic accident.

"A lot of these guys grew up with Nick. I'm not going to say that's 100% the reason why we're struggling," center fielder Torii Hunter said in an interview with the LA Times. "But you can tell it still affects this club."