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University Students Riot in Dinkytown

Spring Jam is a weekend that many University of Minnesota students look forward to all year long. All day parties and a free concert is among most of the popular events, but this year a new addition has been made to the list - rioting.

A block party that had begun earlier in the day began to escalate Saturday evening causing the Minneapolis police to react with force. A large bonfire was starting from tree branches in the middle of the street and several students were seen trying to flip over a car.

Officers first responded to the scene around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. and met partygoers throwing bottles and rocks, Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia said in an interview with the Minnesota Daily.

As well as using pepper spray and tear gas, six students were brought to the ground and tied up before being put under arrest.

"I was focusing my camera when after 20 seconds, without any warning, I felt something like a baseball hit me in the groin and dropped to my knees," university student Peter Robbins said in an interview with the Star Tribune. "The next thing I knew, there were guys on top of me, smashing me into the ground, putting zip ties on my wrists and throwing me in a van."

Witnesses say that over 400 students were in attendance through out the course of the night. Many left with minor cuts and bruises but no one was seriously injured.