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Chart of Accounts (COA)
A COA conversion table (CUFS to EFS) can be found in the Data Warehouse and is accessible to all users who previously had access to financial tables in the Data Warehouse. These tables are under the datagroup of DWFS. The table name is FS_C_COA_MAP_TBL and is available for immediate use. This table does not require a functional ID and is open to people with current access to DWFS tables.
If a financial user who does not currently have access to this table would like to request access to it, they need to fill out an access request form (ARF) through OIT Data Security, which can be found at http://www1.umn.edu/datasec/security/ARF_pdf.htm. The ARF along with the following attachment needs to be filled out, signed by the appropriate authorities, and submitted to Data Security: Financial DW Tables - DWFS (found under the Financial Systems & Data heading).
The COA conversion table will also be available in July within the EFS reporting instance.

Document Types

Below is a list of common FFN/CUFS document types, showing where these transactions will be handled in the new financial system.

IX   Done as a journal entry
JV   Done as a journal entry
PV/PVC   Done as a vendor payment off of a requisition that was processed first. All vendor payments should originate with a requisition (PO) in the new system.
PVA   Done as either a PCard activity or an expense reimbursement
EB/RB/ET   Done as a budget journal
IV   Done as a journal voucher through the Accounts Payable module; internal sales organizations will be set up as vendors
NBUD   Done using the GPC Rebudgeting Request form; then the Certified Approver enters it into the Project module

To run a query of this table:
select * from FS_C_COA_MAP_TBL
where C_FUND = 'xxxx'
--AND C_AREA = 'xxx'


How often are you updating this table? I have some sponsored accounts established during May/June that aren't on my AREA 910 list.

One more question, why isn't PS function included in this data?

The information we received from EFS stated the table would be rebuilt/refreshed on June 5, June 20, July 3, and July 27. This is a table that IMS is providing access to but it's a financial table so I can't tell you if a refresh of the table will cause your accounts to appear.

To answer your second question. Function is not a chartfield, it's actually an attribute of the Program Code or Project ID. Using the following query you can view the function codes in the fs_ps_cf_attrib_tbl.

select * from fs_ps_cf_attrib_tbl where cf_attribute='FUNCTION'