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HRMS Job and Position Tables

On June 14, 2008, HRMS Job and Position tables converted to include the new 5-digit Department ID. Some Job data did not convert to the new 5-digit Department ID and will continue to only contain the Entity in the Department ID field.

Listed below are the exceptions that did not convert:

  • Historic job and position rows did not convert
  • Job data for inactive employee records did not convert (e.g. Terminations)
  • Employees where the status as of 6/9/2008 is 'short work break' or 'suspend' did not convert. The people on 'short work break' will be assigned a new 5-digit Department ID at the time their 'return from break' status change is entered.
  • Inactive positions as of 6/9/2008 did not convert.
Note: All future dated rows (greater than 6/9/2008) converted to the new 5-digit Department ID.

For all job and position data that did not convert, the Entity value will be carried in the Entity and Department ID fields.

Because some data did not convert, we recommend that your queries be analyzed to determine if it is best to select based on Entity instead of Department ID, or a combination of Entity and Department ID, particularly if you need Short Work Break or Suspend job rows in your results.