July 8, 2008

Payroll Table Views

The following will be views of payroll tables prior to fiscal year 2009:
ps_dwpy_hsa_hist_vw and ps_dwpy_pay_frng_hist_vw.

For fiscal years 2009 and beyond, the views are named ps_dwpy_hsa_hist_efs_vw and ps_dwpy_pay_frng_hist_efs_vw.

May 20, 2008

Effective Dates for Tables Changing in DWPY

Below are tentative dates to view DWPY tables in Pre-EFS and Post-EFS form. Note that these dates are subject to change. If there will be changes, or if unexpected issues arise, please look to the main page of this blog to see more recent posts.

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April 15, 2008

Tables in DWPY

Starting with fiscal year 2009, the DWPY tables will have four major changes:

  • New chartfield data will replace CUFS data. The chartfields included are, fund, deptid, account, program_code, project_id, chartfield1, chartfield2, chartfield3, budget_ref, and function.
  • The area class will be replaced with the RRC data from the financial hierarchy.
  • A new column named "entity" will be added. This is current HR dept, e. g. 465A.
  • Current data from the payroll system will be replaced with data from the financial module, e.g. journal id, accounting period, grant begin and end dates.

Below are links to table specs for the DWPY tables requiring updates:

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