April 16, 2008

Tables in DWTA

The following tables will exist in tuition when they are next updated in August with Summer Final data:

  • ps_dwta_stdnt_crse_hs
  • ps_dwta_crse_tuition_hs
  • ps_dwta_stdnt_crse_pr_hs
  • ps_dwta_crse_tuition_pr_hs

  • ps_dwta_stdnt_crse
  • ps_dwta_crse_tuition
  • ps_dwta_stdnt_crse_mt
  • ps_dwta_crse_tuition_mt

At that time we will take final copies of the old structure and call the tables ps_dwta_stdnt_crse_hs and ps_dwta_crse_tuition_hs. There will also be a _hs version of the _pr versions, as noted above.

Below are links to table specs for the DWTA tables requiring updates in Phase II. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list of all DWTA tables:

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