March 12, 2008

Access to DWTEST

There have been many questions about how to get access to the DW test instance to start viewing table related changes occurring in the DW. This is a summary of what is in DWTEST and how to request access.

DWTEST is a test instance for the Data Warehouse to test ETL jobs that create tables and load data into the Data Warehouse data groups (DWPY, DWHR, DWTA, etc.). Be aware that not all data in DWTEST is refreshed on the same schedule as it is in DWPROD and it is a test instance so expect to see test data.

Initially access to DWTEST was granted by the Data Warehouse but that has changed and OIT Data Security now handles access. Unless you are using a functional ID (IDs granted to departments not users), you will need to use your M-Key to login.

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Security and Access Overview

There are three main questions that have been asked of the DW in relation to security:

1. Where can I see updated Data Warehouse tables?
2. How do I access financial data?
3. How can I download financial data?

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