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Tell Us More: Barriers to Innovation in Education

What do you feel are the barriers to innovation in education?

Please share your stories by making comments below!

Thank you!


I did my graduate thesis paper on Oral History Projects in the Secondary Classroom. I researched for more than a year before writing the paper and I have applied for several grants unsuccessfully.
My project would require about $2000 seed money to get it started and probably a few hundred additional dollars down the road.
Our district is in Statutory Operating Debt which means I am SOL if I want to get money from the district.
This project would get kids out into the local community collecting oral histories which would allow them to get out of the text book and get about as hands on to history as the subject of history allows.
It gives the students the opportunity and the challenge of "adding to the world's body of knowledge" rather than just learning about the already existing body of knowledge. It also presents the possibility that the oral histories they collect can be used for future research and may possibly change or enhance our understanding of particular historical events.
I am firmly convinced that this would invigorate the subject of history for many students, especially those who do not do well in the traditional model.
But it would require that we take about 10 days away from the already existing curriculum. Add that in with the days already lost to standardized testing and consider that the scope of curriculum has been deepened by the new benchmarks in history established by the MN state legislature 3 years ago and it presents a problem.
In short, we need more funds and we need our curriculum streamlined.
Dominic F. Ryan
Holdingford Public High School
Holdingford, MN