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April 4, 2008


Welcome to Innovation Education – A Listening & Reflection Project by graduate students studying “Leadership & Change in an Innovation Society? at the University of Minnesota

In 2000, Building a Knowledge Economy for Minnesota’s 21st Century described the need for "knowledge workers?: individuals who can live in a world that is fueled by cycles of innovation, entrepreneurship and workforce development (p. 2).

What does that statement mean to teachers, eight years later in Minnesota and other states across the nation? Where are inspirations for innovation in education coming from today? How are day to day activities in the classroom impacted by visions such as this, or not? How are students impacted, or not? We looked, but could not find resources that told us what teachers are thinking and feeling about questions like these. Where are teachers talking? Who’s listening? We wondered what might change in education policy today if the opinions and stories of teachers were more readily available to leaders who had a trusted way to ask questions, and then listen to advice broadly gathered.

We invite teachers to test two forums designed to “listen? to teachers about innovation and change:

• A short survey available (Click here for survey.) from April 7th until April 21st to gather advice from teachers. Participation is anonymous.

• The survey is also availble in Chinese. (Click here for survey in Chinese.)

• This blog exists as an open channel for teachers who have more to say. This public forum will also host the survey results from April 18 to April 30, 2008 for comment by teachers. A small number of reviewers who are not active classroom teachers are being invited to begin discussion threads for comment by teachers and others interested in innovation and public education. As that list becomes confirmed, the names of reviewers will be posted on the blog.

The final team presentation will be posted for comment by May 5. If you have questions or comments about the project itself, please feel free to post them to the team.

Thank you.

Mike Fink; Ben Johnson Cashen; Kristi Mueller; Jen Trochinski; Sarah Waldemar; Wendy Wustenberg; Kun Yang

Innovation Education Survey

Welcome to the Innovation Education Survey

Sponsored by the Innovation Education Team of the University of Minnesota’s Graduate School “Leadership & Change in an Innovation Society? Class – Spring 2008

This Survey is open to licensed Teachers in Minnesota & China until April 30, 2008.

We appreciate your voluntary contribution to this survey. You are under no obligation to participate. Your responses will be anonymous and data collected will be tabulated and reported in aggregate form only. In addition, your completion of this survey indicates your consent to participate in our project. Preliminary results will be posted for comment and discussion on this blog site on or before April 20, 2008

Final results will be posted by May 12, 2008

Click Here to take survey

Click here to take the survey in Chinese.