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November 29, 2006


After reading Neil Postman's article on Technopoly I realize the monopolizing affects technology has on us every day. The world of technology has created everything we use today. I am grateful for the "simple" techologies we have today such as a bed, shoes, coat, hat, gloves etc. These things are now considered necessities but they all evolved over time and became more and more attainable. These are not the technologies that concern me but it is the new "necessities" that have created this technopoly that concern me.

Don't get me wrong, I myself am a victim of this monopolization. I own an iPod, a Razr and a new MacBook Pro, all of which I am very happy to have.

ipod.jpg apple.jpg razr.jpg

Taking a look these things I realize that the companies behind them have created this new idea of a technopoly, making everyone think they need these things. I certainly couldn't make through school without a computer but do I need my own; Could I just use the library? Do I need an iPod? Could I just have a phone in my dorm room? These are all questions that I ask myself. I look at these questions and discover that having these things is a convience, and these conviences brought up a whole nother line of questions.

I like having a computer of my own because if I didn't I would be spending a lot of time at the library but; Do I need this computer? I like having an iPod to listen to music on the way to class but; Couldn't I just get by with a CD Player or a cassette player for that matter? It's nice to have a cell phone but; Wouldn't one of those giant 'Saved By The Bell' cell phones get me by?


I keep questioning my need for these things and realize I don't have a solution for this technopolies problem. With the consumerism we have gotten ourselves into in America the technology will never stop because desire to have something better, smaller, more powerful is never ending. Although we can all question ourselves; Can we really stop the Technopoly?

November 6, 2006

Design & Mathematics

Mathematics makes designs become reality. Most noteably you can see this through the designs of Frank Gehry.


Without mathematics these designs wouldn't be able to come to life. Thankfully we have math and these sketches from Gehry become buildings like this.




These buildings only stand up because of steel and really good math. Even though mathematics isn't my favorite thing in the world. I realize that we would not have design without it.