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The visuals research I found is about Africa marketing. Advertising in Africa is a lot different from the United States. First off, in the Africa they have over 2,000 different languages. With all that diversity, you have to be creative to work with all those languages. One of the main things they talk about is how advertising is kinda of new compare to other countries. Graphic Designers in Africa gets to have fun with the ads. For two reasons, unique heritage and Africa requires a more flexible approach. The unique heritage allows the designers to be creative and very colorful. Also, being flexible gives the designers free range with they're ideas. Compared to the United States, where everyone kinda of fallows the same branding technique.


I think this article is very interesting. Its interesting on how they refer to they're art as graphic art. I like how they're advertisements have a more artistic side to it. Unlike all ads that are produced in United States where the concept of ad needs to be figured out in 5 to 10 seconds. In the article they talk about how in Iran, they have a few billboards that they want to viewer to get the concept in a few seconds. Which is almost the complete opposite of the United States. I never really thought about how graphic design would be perceived in different countries.

Visual Research.

I found this website with 30 latest print ads. I know that a lot of the images don't have anything to do with project 1. I just enjoyed how creative the images are and it helped open my mind to new ideas. Also, a lot of the images have photographs in them and I want to use photography in my project.


Thumbnails for project 1

Color Reading

I really enjoyed this reading. I always struggle with two design elements when I start a project. Font and Color. I liked how they listed out different colors and then Associated with, Positive, and Negative for each color. That is a useful tool to have when starting a project.