Digital Art Workshop Day 1 Reflection

On day one I was part of the meet and greet crew. As the children arrived I made sure they were checked off the attendance sheet and helped guide them into the Tweed Museum. Surprisingly all the the children arrived around the same time and instead of having them filter in and out of the animation station and then up to the classroom, it turned into a mini-animation lesson with all the children at the Tweed. When it was time to bring them upstairs the other meet and greet people and I led them up to the classroom. 

The students were introduced to a quick form of animation using Photo Booth and Photoshop. My role that day was to observe and take notes on how everything was going. Some of the things I noticed that day were that the students were very eager to learn and jumped right into the project. The only negative aspect of the day had to have been the layout of the classroom. It was difficult for the students to watch what they were being taught and to look at their own screens. Also, the middle aisle of the classroom became very crowded and tight. 

At the end of the day I helped walk the children back down to the Tweed and made sure that they left with their parents. Overall it was a very successful first day to the workshop, and I think it helped make the students very excited to come back the following Tuesday to start the big project. 

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