Digital Art Workshop Day 2 Reflection

Day two was the big day where we the mentors pitched our stories of transformation to the children. Then they would pick the story that they wanted to help animate for the rest of the workshop. I was working with one other mentor on the story of The Frog Prince, and two girls eagerly signed up to work on our project. 

After everyone has selected a group, we sectioned off parts of the room and got to work. As mentors we further explained our visual plan that we had just presented to them. Monet was our artist for style inspiration, and we asked them about what they wanted to see in the animation. The girls suggested we update the story and have it be about a teenage girl who loses her iPod and the frog retrieves it for her out of the pond. It was very exciting to start to see them make the story their own.

Our main goal for day two was to complete the creation of the characters. The Frog Prince consists of ultimately three necessary characters: the princess, the frog, and the prince. Because neither of our students had worked in Photoshop before, we decided the fastest way to create the characters would be to draw them on paper, scan them into the computer, and then add color and do any alterations in Photoshop. Starting a big project can be difficult, and it took the entire time remaining for the girls to get a solid start to their character creations. 

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