Digital Art Workshop Day 3 Reflection

Day three was the day where I worked with one other mentor in the Tweed and operated the Sand and Paint animation station. After setting up the light table we made sure all of the tools needed were ready to go and placed out on a nearby table for the students to use. 

What was different from this animation station is that throughout the couple hours of the workshop we had three groups scheduled to come in and film part of their animation with either sand or paint. 

The first group worked with sand, and we showed them techniques they could use. For the most part my job was to make sure everything was ready for the next group and to clean up after the last one. We did not really help animate anything because the other mentors were there working with their students. My group, The Frog Prince, actually came in so I did have some involvement in that animation, but for the most part my job was mostly clean up. 

As with anything that has the potential to be messy, the children had a great time playing with the sand and paint. They really embraced the different tools and explored various techniques, so overall I think the sand and paint animation station was a success. 

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