Digital Art Workshop Day 4 Reflection

Because I was working at the Sand and Paint animation station in the Tweed on day three, another mentor had joined our group. The three of us presented to our two students the paint animation they had created. We decided as a group to use it as the backdrop for our characters to move around on, and with the characters finished we could begin animating. 

But first they agreed that the background needed to be more than just paint. The image was interesting, but the thought of using collage to add more colors and different elements such as flowers and lily pads was very interesting. We had the girls look at some of Monet's paintings and had them pick out parts they wanted. In Photoshop we cut and pasted those parts onto the background for the animation and then showed them various tools to help them play with the colors. At the very end of the day we began to really get into the actual act of animation. Ideally they would have been faster at creating the background and then they would have been able to move into the animation process sooner, but as mentors we decided it was more important for them to spend time with the images. They were learning so much about Photoshop and even just about basic composition and 2D design elements that there was not any rush to get them into the tedious process of animation.  

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