Digital Art Workshop Day 5 Reflection

Day five was our last day to work with the students. Because of time constraints, the other mentors and I went through and animated the majority of the piece prior to this last meeting. We saved the last scene because we thought it was important that the two students get more time with actually animating and moving the characters around. They had already done this a little in the beginning, but we wanted them to review and really feel like they knew how it was done. 

When they finished with that we moved into GarageBand and iMovie HD. The girls had a great time picking out sounds and music and even at the end of the day they were giving us suggestions for what they wanted to see in the final project. 

Another decision that was made was that the full sand animation that was created was used in the beginning and the end of the piece to pull the whole thing together.

As they were leaving I felt that they were really proud of their work and so was I. We all made the best with the time we had. I feel like the students really learned a lot and had a great time doing it!

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