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Sand and Paint Animation

For our second project we were asked to research and present a specific type of animation to the class. This was in part for our own learning experience but also in preparation for the Digital Art Workshop for kids. My group looked into sand and paint animation techniques.

Here is our demonstration that we did with our classmates:

Before this class I had never heard of sand animation. I discovered it involved moving sand or paint around on top of light table and documenting it. Some people film live performances of this artwork or another option would be to use a stop motion technique. This would involve taking still pictures every time a portion of the image is changed, not unlike the creature collage animation. 

My group and I experimented with both sand and paint. With both mediums it is important to keep in mind where the image is starting and where it is going. Often it works best to work from the background and move to the foreground. When making the shapes it is important to think of how the "lines" of paint or sand that create your image will be used to morph the figures or shapes into something else. Contrast is also key to making beautiful sand and paint animations because the difference between light and dark is what makes the image. 

Here is the powerpoint used in our presentation and following are the video examples of famous sand and paint artists. Sand and Paint Animation PPT.pdf

If you're interested in experimenting with sand and paint animation there are a few supplies you'll need: 

*Light table (avoid plexiglass, it will cause static electricity)

*Clear acetate transparency paper to place on top of glass

*Sand or paint (try mixing up colors!)

*Paint brushes, cotton swabs, popsicle sticks, etc.



Looking back on this project I think that it was really beneficial to experience a variety of animation techniques and have the opportunity to share with the class. Now I have some familiarity with sand and paint animation as well as the techniques my classmates presented and in the future I can potentially use that in the classroom. 

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