One student dead, an officer injured in attack

One student dead, an officer injured in attack
by Dallas Johnson

A South Carolina student was shot and killed Friday after he attacked a school resource officer with a knife, CNN reported.

Trevor Varinecz, 16, was shot five times, including a fatal shot to the chest, around 8:30 a.m.  after he attacked the Carolina Forest High School resource officer, Cpl. Marcus Rhodes, with a knife, officials said.

Teal Britton, a spokeswoman for Horry County Schools said that Varinecz asked to see the Rhodes after arriving at school.

"They went into his office, and the door was shut, and then the struggle began," Britton said.  Officials have no idea what may have started the struggle.

Rhodes was taken to Conway Medical Center where he was treated and released around 12:30 p.m. Friday, the Sun News reported.

An autopsy was performed Saturday at the University of South Carolina's Medical Center that determined only the shot to the chest of Varinecz was fatal, medical officials said.

Emergency responses at the school were implemented and executed fairly well, Britton said.

"You can't always predict a random unplanned act of violence. There will be lots of debriefings going on in terms of our response. I don't [think] in this situation there was any shortcoming on anybody's part," Britton said.

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