Woman, 98, indicted in murder of older roommate

Woman, 98, indicted in murder of older roommate
by Dallas Johnson

A 98-year-old woman was indicted Friday in Massachusetts for strangling her 100-year-old roommate in September, CNN reported.

Laura Lundquist was indicted by a Massachusetts grand jury for strangling Elizabeth Barrow, her nursing home roommate, the New York Daily News reported.

Barrow was found dead on Sept. 24 at Brandon Woods Nursing Home in Dartmouth, Mass. with a plastic shopping bag tied over her head, according to the Bristol County district attorney's office.

An autopsy showed that Barrow had been strangled.

Lundquist and Barrow were arguing over a table a Lundquist had put at the foot of Barrow's bed.  Barrow complained that the table was in the way of her path to the bathroom, authorities said.

A nursing home aide moved in to difuse the situation.  Lundquist punched the aide and said that her roommate "might as well have the whole room," prosecutors said.

In the weeks before her death, Barrow had said that Lundquist was making her life a "living hell," District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter said.

A nursing home spokesman said they offered Barrow a chance to change rooms or roommates twice, but she declined.

Lundquist's attorney has said his client is innocent.  A motion has been granted to allow a state hospital to check Lundquist's competency. 

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