Opinion: It's really about Pakistan

The two stories on Obama's speech last Dec. 1 had little in common. The first story I read was titled Opinion: It's really about Pakistan by HDS Greenway with the Global Post. The second I story read in Black Voices was: Obama Afghanistan Speech: War Decision Highlights Significance of African-American Support in Black Voices by Jeff Mays. The only thing the two stories appear to have in common is that they both are concerned about the tough trails ahead for America's future.
The articles have a different format in presenting their article. Greenway's article begins with a lead that summarizes what Obama talked about in his speech. Mays' lead begins by writing not what Obama said, but what he did and the potential consequences of it. Greenway uses little direct quotes but throughout his paper writes about what Obama said. Mays put in many quotes an all in the center of his article.
The overall articles' messages are also very different. Greenway writes about the conflict Obama has in what to do and say. Greenway writes that Obama has two goals and it is virtually impossible to meet both of them. Greenway focuses mostly on the speech itself where Mays focuses on the repercussions and the decision behind the speech. Mays also wrote about the problems Obama is faced with, but more along the lines of blaming the past administration instead of just pointing out what Obama is dealing with.
Greenway's article is clearly better. It is clear and less biased. Greenway gives a fair judgment of Obama's speech. He wrote about the good decisions Obama made as well as the poor decisions he made. Greenway's article gave a great summary of what Obama spoke on and gave a bit of insight on the speech itself.

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