December 8, 2008

"The Rat" -- A Musical Analysis

[ “The Rat� never fails to enthrall me. The song, released from The Walkmen’s 2004 album Bows and Arrows, incorporates a simple melody with a clear-cut rhythm, as well as expresses heartfelt lyrics in an upbeat tempo. “The Rat� evokes an intense adrenaline rush, considering its heavy drum beat and powerful vocals, and temps the listener into moving with the flow of the song. It is nearly impossible to remain still during this song, which is broken down into basic elements in the following paper. ]

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A Manifestation of Indie Rock

[The Walkmen is a classic example of an indie rock band, as made obvious through the definition this paper gives in terms of the genre as a whole. Indie rock’s young age and relative popularity among college students entice audiences into sticking with the genre and waiting excitedly for what is to come. The genre itself is examined on several levels in the following document, which includes a brief history as well as the names of other indie rock artists, to name a few prevalent topics.]

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Up Close and Personal

[As part of my freshman seminar course “Sounding Off: Studying Sonic Experience,� I was asked to reproduce a musical analysis for a chosen artist of a chosen genre. Considering my interest in indie rock, I chose The Walkmen as my topic of scrutiny. This paper reiterates a Walkmen concert I attended through description of the atmosphere, performance, and audience demographic, which was observed with careful consideration, as well as incorporates the personal impact the concert had on its spectators.]

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