Esquire-10 Party Crashers Who Did More Than Sneak by Secret Service

With the recent White House crashing by husband and wife Tareq and Michaele Salahi, it only seemed fitting that Esquire would put together a feature chronicling some of the best party crashers of all time. 

From the Beastie Boys to Jesse Ventura, this list was entertaining and true to its title in every way.  Also included were the Boise State Broncos, Christopher Rocancourt, and the Sex Pistols, to name a few.

11 total "party crashers" are looked at, each with their own page with a picture and a short paragraph. 

The feature falls into the entertainment category, but is also a portrayal of a certain lifestyle--the party crasher to be exact.  It could also be understood as a trend or even flashback feature, reminding the reader of some of the biggest partiers that have lived.

The style of the feature was very appealing to me.  The slideshow that profiled each party crasher, with both a picture and an explanation, was visually pleasing. 

Plus, it cannot be denied that this plain fun and entertainment.  Reliving the Ventura years and reading about the unique and animated Beastie Boys just brought back great memories for me. 

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