Rick Reilly of ESPN the Magazine-It isn't easy being green

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Rick Reilly has come to be one of my favorite sports columnists.  He balances wit with a supreme knowledge of all sports and their intricacies. 

Although some may argue he is just a columnist and blogger, he writes many columns that have the values and traits of a feature.  Such is the case in "It isn't easy being green."

In this column, Reilly attempts to do what no other sports journalist has done before, which is to do a completely green column.  This also seems fitting, considering all of the hype surrounding "going green."  It seems, however, his purpose is more to entertain than to save the environment.

In the column, Reilly chronologically describes the day he spends putting this article together, in a green way.  He bikes a full 30 miles with a friend to catch a Colorado-Boulder football game, and details all of the green facilities that the campus has. 

Still, in an ironic ending, Reilly realizes he has not been the green sportswriter he had hoped.  His son reminds him that publishing a column in a mass-produced magazine in ESPN is far from being green friendly.

"It isn't easy being green" is more for entertainment than anything.  Reilly is a master of humor and wit, and shows it in this article, even making fun of his own actions.  When categorizing the feature, it seems human-interest would be the most obvious pick. It was a feature I truly enjoyed

1 Comment

Wow your are right what an article. I thought also that the article was throughly enjoyable to read. Rick Reilly does bring his own humor to a piece when first looked upon seems dull and bland. I enjoyed the way he was chronologically bringing the reader with him though out the day.

I also agree that this article tends to make fun of the author in a great way, such as when Reilly needs to go to the bathroom and fails to flush it down. I can see how this has become one of your favorite writers, I think I might need to join the bandwagon.

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