The New York Times-Cult Classic

"Cult Classic" is a delightful piece about the little thought of and perhaps underrated Mexican version of Coca-Cola.  The author, Rob Walker, takes a look at the cult classic and even inputs some enjoyable personal commentary.

Walker believes the Mexican coke reigns supreme in the world of Coke.  He begins by talking about the Facebook page for Mexican coke, looks at the misconceptions about it, and even gets American Coke's take on the recent surge in Mexican Coke's popularity.

The article is so great, in my opinion, because it is so simple, comical at times, and very original.  What I also like is that the writer isn't afraid to speak his mind and talk about his personal experiences with Mexican Coke.  He puts himself into his own story and it's no lie that Walker is a big fan.

I really found the author's use of quotes effective.  He has a great one from Andy Warhol, and even speaks to a Coke spokesman as if he were an actual reporter.  There is a great balance going on here.

"Cult Classic" is definitely a combination of entertainment and food feature, added with a dash of lifestyle.  In an obvious way, it is a consumer feature, but I think there is more to it.  This obsession with Mexican Coke is a relatively recent phenomenon, so the feature could also be considered a trend story of today.

The feature, in a time of hard-hitting news about economic uncertainty and war, is an example of a light-feature that is guaranteed to entertain most readers.

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