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The Star Tribune reported Tuesday that a man was shot and killed after a night of drinking with two other friends.

Logan Alhers was accidentally shot by friend Michael C. Schwartz, both 25 years of age and from Burnsville.  According to a police statement, Schwartz left the bars separate from Alhers and one other friend.  He then came home to his apartment alone, grabbed his .40-calibur pistol, and sat in his car with the loaded gun.  Then the other friend found Schwartz in the car, and the two of them subsequently found Alhers lying outside a door in the apartment building.  After some foul-play and wrestling with the gun, it fired and hit Alhers in the neck.  Schwartz contacted police after, and Alhers was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Guns and alcohol are a deadly combination as this tragedy clearly demonstrates," Dakota County Attorney Jim Backstrom said.

Manslaughter charges were filed in the Dakota Country District Court today.  Schwartz is being held on $150,000 bail with no conditions.

The Sun Current also recently posted a story detailing the events.         

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