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The New York Times posted an article Wednesday that discussed President Obama's recent talks and meetings about future involvement in Afghanistan.  The article stated that Obama would make some final decisions over Thanksgiving and address the Afghanistan issue to the American public by early next week. 

One of the biggest questions hanging around is how many more troops Obama plans to send to Afghanistan in the near future. The Times reported that Obama would not give a specific number, but it is likely that he will send anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 more troops.

The most important thing Obama stressed, however, is that this strategy will "finish the job" in Afghanistan.  He wants to make sure that terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda, do not attack again.  It is also a plan that he hopes the American people will be supportive of. 
The Times also used White House and other anonymous sources close to the President to make some predictions about the new plan.

For example, after a recent meeting in the Situation Room, the following was revealed:

"The conversation settled around sending about 30,000 more American troops, two officials said, the first of which would deploy early next year to be in place in southern or eastern Afghanistan by the spring."

The President's announcement should come next Tuesday in the form of a national address, but where he'll do it has yet to be decided.  

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