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Visual Research project 1

Looking through the Interntional Coexistance Projects website gives me a lot of ideas about what I could do with my poster for project 1. There are so many amazing poster designs on this website. My favorite would have to be the poster with all the crows with one white crow in the middle, made by Andrzej Pagowski. I also really like AIGAs website, there are so many good designs, too many to count. Both these pages are great for brainstorming ideas.

What is Color Theory

I Thought that this reading was very useful. The background information at the beginning was part review for me but it did help me remember some facts that I had forgotten. I especially liked the last half of the reading. The color index was really interesting, I like how it showed the colors meaning in other cultures, and how they make people feel. I like how the examples where of logos and objects from pop culture.

The Astonish Me Problem

I though that this reading was very interesting. I think its interesting that over time it gets harder and harder to get peoples attention. This reading gave a lot of really interesting examples of how designers are getting around this problem. I really liked the superimposition poster of Stalin, I really like the idea of mixing both 2D and 3D together. I also liked Shigeo Fukuda's pieces a lot. Taking flat shapes and making them appear dimensional.

What I want to know

I would like to know more tips and tricks to using photoshop. I would like to know how to do more photo manipulating. It is the program that I have worked in the least and I think it would be really useful.

Something that inspires me


CD Designs really inspire me because it combines two things that I love the most Visual art and music. I've always been a person that looks at the cover to see if something is interesting or not. If I think that the look of the cover is boring I most likely won't want to purchase it.

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