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Anatomy example


This poster is a great example of taking a well known image to convey a message clearly. It is a more modern representation of the classic uncle sam poster. It uses the famous image of uncle sam but changes some of the wording underneath him. The same colors are used to give it the old feel to it but the writing at the bottom gives it a slightly different message.

Anatomy 2

This article holds a lot of truth. Color or the lack of color is one of the first things people notice about a design. I know that it is one of the first things I notice when I look at something I have never seen before. I would like to work more with color but it can be very tricky. Different colors can make you feel different things so you always have to be aware of that when you are making any kind of art.

International design


This piece is from the swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell. The design of this work is very simple geometric and to the point. The names inside the triangles are all either writers. or professors. I could not find out what the main title says except for forfattare which means author. It has a very simple color scheme and simple composition. This design while it is abstract is very to the point.

Reading Response graphic design of Iran

I found this article very interesting. Comparing graphic design in the west to graphic design in Iran is very difficult when you do not know a lot about the culture. This is true for any other country as well. I thought it was interesting how their culture is a big part of their graphic design compared to here in America were it doesn't play as big a part. It makes me think about how someone's culture influences how they look at art and how people from different places can look at the same piece and get many different ideas about it.

Visual Research

Sample of some of my favorite design styles.




Charity Work reading

This article was very interesting. I never really thought about who made these kinds of posters. I didn't think that graphic designers did Charity work in the graphic design field before (shocking probably) I thought they were always free lance. I really liked the featured artist at the very end James Victore. I liked how his work was very sketch like quality of his work, as well as how in your face it all is. His work doesn't talk down to the viewer and it doesn't hold back.


Visual Research 2

I really like the guy work who did obey the gaint. I reakky like how is is simple deisgns but very detailed at the same time. His use of colors although minimal is used in a very powerful way. I might be baised in my opinion because I really like the look of minimal color schemes, I think my poster will use very little color. seeing these posters helped give me an idea on what kind of color scheme I will use.

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