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This poster is very pop art feel to it. the color, and the cleanness of the lines are very pop.


Magazine article/illustration

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The type and image style used for this article are perfect. This is an article interviewing Anna Paquin, an actress who's the star of a popular tv show called true blood. Though I have never seen the show I know it is about vampires. The feel of the text and illustration gives you this idea. The illustrations are mostly black and white except for two pictures of her. The title is eye catching, giant, red, sketchy letters. Red being the obvious when dealing with a vampiric theme. The first page shows a striking graphic of the actress up close covering half her face. Her skin is white, a great contrast to the very dark background. When I first saw it I thought that it was reminiscent of the great classical films but mostly of the great Nosferatu. The rest of the article fallows the style of the front page and does a very good job at staying consistent.

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