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May 4

I felt a lot better today having most of my projects finished. I cant wait till the end of the week and summer break. Classes today went pretty good as well I had quite a bit of fun and got some important stuff done. After school I got some dinner with a couple friends and hung out. Today was a pretty good day.

May 3

I was not looking forward to today at all. Well class I was looking forward to but after class I needed to spray paint my project 3D design. I had never spray painted anything before so i was kind of nervous that I would mess it up. It turns out that spray painting is really fun way more fun than just regular painting. It didn't take as long as i thought it would either which made me very happy. I could spend the rest of my night relaxing before I had to start working on projects again.

May 2

Compared to yesterday today was easy! My parents decided to drive me back up to Duluth and help bring some of my stuff back down. We didn't leave until about 1 in the afternoon. The drive up seemed to be going slower than usual but I wont complain about that. Part of me really wishes that this week was finals week. When we finally got to Duluth well first we went to eat and then we went to campus. I wasn't really expecting to get so much of my stuff out of my apartment but we did. Since I wont be able to leave until friday the very last day you can leave my family is taking stuff back home gradually so on friday it wont take so long to get out. After taking some of my useless stuff they went home and i hung out the rest of the night.

May 1

Man was today a busy day. I do have to say that I feel very accomplished. I had to get up fairly early in order to drive to a place called Uline to buy some materials for my final in 3D design. It cost so much money but it was probably worth it because it turned out to look really good. Afterwards we went to Ace hardware to get glue, caulk, and spray paint. This whole procedure as I call it took the entire mourning. I hadn't even started to put the thing together yet! The rest of the afternoon I used to cut and glue and caulk the whole thing together. By the end of it all it looked pretty good. After I had done most of my project I sat down and watched for the first time Avatar which I can officially say is one of the worst movies ever made. in my opinion of course. Well i guess it was an ok way to end a hectic day.

April 30

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up and went to class as usual but then afterwards instead of doing nothing I packed up some clothes and hoped on the bus to go home. Even though the ride is really long I still like going home on the weekends. I usually just sit and listen to music on the bus so It never feels extremely long. When I got back to the cities I automatically felt more relaxed. I sat down in the living room and watched mind numbing television for hours something that I don't do up here at school. I feel like tomorrow is going to be a long day because I have to work on my project for 3D design. But ill leave that for tomorrow.

April 29

Today was another long day. The only reason why It wasn't so bad was because Im going home tomorrow! Having 4 classes in one day was a very bad idea, I don't think I will ever have a schedule like this again. I am once again back to working on projects the whole day. I feel like I've been on my computer since I woke up. I cant wait for school to be over so I can have a little break.

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