May 1

Man was today a busy day. I do have to say that I feel very accomplished. I had to get up fairly early in order to drive to a place called Uline to buy some materials for my final in 3D design. It cost so much money but it was probably worth it because it turned out to look really good. Afterwards we went to Ace hardware to get glue, caulk, and spray paint. This whole procedure as I call it took the entire mourning. I hadn't even started to put the thing together yet! The rest of the afternoon I used to cut and glue and caulk the whole thing together. By the end of it all it looked pretty good. After I had done most of my project I sat down and watched for the first time Avatar which I can officially say is one of the worst movies ever made. in my opinion of course. Well i guess it was an ok way to end a hectic day.

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