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chapter 4

I really enjoyed reading about how people look through an image. It helps a lot to know this kind of information. It is good to be reminded of these things because It is easy to forget about it when you are working on a project.

Chapter 2 & 3

I found these readings useful, having all the pictures, and diagrams helped me to understand these methods more. It seems like no matter how many times I am taught these methods I can never seem to really understand how they work. But seeing the pictures are very helpful to me because i am a very visual person.

Anatomy 2

This article holds a lot of truth. Color or the lack of color is one of the first things people notice about a design. I know that it is one of the first things I notice when I look at something I have never seen before. I would like to work more with color but it can be very tricky. Different colors can make you feel different things so you always have to be aware of that when you are making any kind of art.

Reading Response graphic design of Iran

I found this article very interesting. Comparing graphic design in the west to graphic design in Iran is very difficult when you do not know a lot about the culture. This is true for any other country as well. I thought it was interesting how their culture is a big part of their graphic design compared to here in America were it doesn't play as big a part. It makes me think about how someone's culture influences how they look at art and how people from different places can look at the same piece and get many different ideas about it.

Charity Work reading

This article was very interesting. I never really thought about who made these kinds of posters. I didn't think that graphic designers did Charity work in the graphic design field before (shocking probably) I thought they were always free lance. I really liked the featured artist at the very end James Victore. I liked how his work was very sketch like quality of his work, as well as how in your face it all is. His work doesn't talk down to the viewer and it doesn't hold back.

What is Color Theory

I Thought that this reading was very useful. The background information at the beginning was part review for me but it did help me remember some facts that I had forgotten. I especially liked the last half of the reading. The color index was really interesting, I like how it showed the colors meaning in other cultures, and how they make people feel. I like how the examples where of logos and objects from pop culture.

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