Interview with Mike Mullen from the City Pages

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In october I had an amazing opportunity to meet with and interview a local journalist. I chose to interview with Mike Mullen from the City Pages, who writes for the "hard news" type blog The Blotter. The interview was quite casual but helped me learn more about the workings of an alternative news publication. He spoke about how he uses social media and RSS feeds as news source. It made me feel as though I need to become more connected with more important news feeds out there to get better information from different types of news sources.

The interview was also very enlightening on how he sees news with an agenda, and even as someone who writes for a blog with an obvious objective and attitude, he made it very clear that if he had been writing for a hard-hitting news publication, the idea of writing with a bias is very wrong and against his ethics. When I asked how he feels about blogs and news in general, he mentioned he wished it would slow down and people would be able to research further into a story, rather than learning about it as they write to be the first one with the story. It was an interesting day of alternative journalism and new learning through Mike Mullen's eyes. Thanks Mike!!

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