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SEA LIFE Drop and Shop blog post

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This is a blog post I made while interning at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium. It is pretty simple, but because I didn't make the entire blog, just certain blog posts, I wanted to make sure at least a few of them made their way to my personal blog.
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Swim Kardashian Also Abandons Minnesota-
Following in Kim's Foot Steps

Swim Kardashian is leaving SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium
to head south and Take Texas

Bloomington, Minn. (November 9, 2011) After a short 34-week relationship with SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at Mall of America, Swim Kardashian, a Giant Green Sea Turtle, is following in her "sisters" foot steps by leaving Minnesota for good. It turns out Swim didn't want to settle down here either. She is heading south to SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium in Texas. There are several sea turtles at SEA LIFE Minnesota and Swim is looking forward to living the single life at SEA LIFE Grapevine.

Swim Kardashian arrived at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium in March 2011 and received her name for being one of the new "Celebrity turtles" here at the aquarium. She was a rescue turtle from Florida who had been hit by a boat and cracked her shell. Swim's condition is called a "bubble butt" because air gets under the shell and gathers in the back by her "butt". A weight patch is added to her shell to enable her to swim again. This "bubble butt" also gained some weight when she started here in March, so now she is working on slimming down with a salad diet to prepare herself for being the hot new turtle in Texas.

Swim's condition has made it so she will not be able to go back into the wild, even though the doctors at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida have made her condition stable. Swim has a safe home in SEA LIFE Aquariums and heading to Texas will make her the only sea turtle at SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium.

SEA LIFE Minnesota gives kids and families a new level of excitement and understanding for the world's oceans. Based in Bloomington, Minn., the unique and interactive aquarium provides visitors with a fun and educational experience thanks to fascinating displays, creative hands-on activities and new sea creatures - 10,000 in total. SEA LIFE Minnesota is the second U.S.-based SEA LIFE aquarium and is located within the Mall of America near the East entrance. For more information, visit or call (952) 883-0202.


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