Journalism is changing, PR pros must adapt

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News is Thriving


You've probably heard by now that many people consider traditional newspapers a dying breed. Thinking about the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that kind of comment seems laughable. Within the walls of the major metropolitan newspaper, it is all hustle and bustle with no signs of slowing down.

Neal Justin, a television and media critic at the Star Tribune, describes the lively environment in which he works.

"A lot of people on the phone, a lot of people writing fervently, people in meetings..." says Justin. "It's unpredictable, sometimes it's quiet, and sometimes it's the Wild West."

The Transition

It isn't a secret that most news content is now hosted on online platforms in addition to physical newspapers. But as the transition continues to progress, journalists are constantly tethered to their desks posting on social media sites and updating web content. They are stretched thin, and for some, it can be difficult.

Justin sums up the transition elegantly, "It's an interesting time for journalism. It can be fun, but it can be frustrating."

Media Relations Tips


Almost half of his story ideas come from public relations pitches. Justin says that he tends to gravitate towards professionals who know how a journalist's job works. He urges that PR pros do their research.

"When somebody calls or emails, they better have a solid story idea. Be respectful of my time and realize that I have a hundred pitches a day. We work ahead of schedule." says Justin.

It seems that traditional journalism is taking a new form in every department. The pace of the profession has become faster due to technological innovations. Now that people are able to keep up with events in real time no matter where they live through social media, news content needs to be produced in a similar fashion. Public relations professionals need to take this into account when pitching.

"Deadlines are so different with online. We're constantly updating throughout the day. Always on deadline." says Justin.

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