Travis Porter "Get Naked": Does Fame give men the right?

After our discussion inspired by "Home girls Make some Noise" on the club scene and how it plays into or IS a "fantasy world" I wanted to show this video clip. I'm interested in how this video shows the negative affects of music videos such as Tip Drill on to real life situations and who it impacts negatively the most. I don't know who all is very familiar with the group "Travis Porter"'s work, as it is extremely sexist, offensive and commercial but this video did not sit well with me. The group came to Mlps a few weeks ago and the very next day boys all over face book were complaining how "thirsty" (desperately wanting male attention) and "hoeish" all MN girls were. Take a look at this video. While I would agree there are questionable decisions made by the girls after dancing on stage getting her dress pulled up, with no underwear on and kept dancing on the rappers, also her decision to ware no underwear at all. However absolutely no one found it wrong that the male rapper felt entitled to pull up her dress on stage anyway. It was almost as if everyone figured, sense he has fame and money, it is EXPECTED he pulls up her dress. My question to you is who is all at fault here, and does fame give a man the right? It starts at about 0:55- 1:30

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