Auburn Community Commemorates Beloved Trees

Fans of Auburn University in Auburn, Ala. gathered around their two favorite oak trees on Saturday after they had been poisoned earlier in the week.

Toomer's Corner, where the trees are located, has been a central point of the community for 130-years. Football fans often gathered there following their football team's victories.

Harvey A. Updyke Jr., 62, was arrested on Thursday morning on a charge of first-degree criminal mischief after police caught him poisoning the oak trees. Updyke is an Alabama fan, Auburn's rival, and apparently poisoned the trees after Alabama lost to Auburn in November, said the Washington Post.

Updyke is suspected of using a powerful herbicide, Spike 80DF, to poison the trees, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Students, alums, fans and residents paid their respect to the trees by taking pictures, leaving gifts and flowers and throwing toilet paper over it.

Toomer's Corner had recently been the site of the Auburn Tigers' national football championship on January 10.

University scientists do not believe that the trees will survive, according to CNN.

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