Multimedia Analysis

Most of the multimedia options that were associated with the articles I reported on were videos that were related to the story.

In the case of Rep. Wu's situation, The Oregonian included a video clip of an interview that Wu had conducted with a local television station. Upon clicking on the video, a playlist of other Wu-related stories appears on the side. While most deal with the current situation, there are some that focus on other matters that Wu has been involved, including an event at a hospital where he spoke on healthcare.

What is interesting is that the writing will sometimes quote directly from the video that is already included in the article. To an extent, the video may provide validity or proof of what Wu said, making it more tangible and providing more context rather than just a mere quotation.

The CNNMoney article that focuses on the Providence teachers situation embedded a video regarding the Madison protests in it.

In a sense, it was connecting these two similar stories and leading the reader along to related news. The video did not directly address what was happening in Providence, but the connection is understood. The multimedia feature depends on the reader's awareness of what is happening to bring the two together.

On an issue such as teachers' unions, it also elevate the matter by highlighting that what is happening in either Providence or Madison is not an isolated incident.

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