Rep. Wu Refuses to Step Down

Rep. David Wu has said that he will not resign despite calls from the GOP and newspapers to do so following questions about his mental health.

The Oregon Democrat said he is currently undergoing treatment and taking medication following a series of actions that raised concern amongst his staff.

The seven-term congressman lost seven staff members following his 2010 campaign following Wu's bizarre behavior reports the Associated Press. One incident involved Wu sending a picture of himself dressed as a tiger to his staff in October.

Wu also said that he took two tablet of a pain killer during this time that were given to him by a campaign donor that he did not name.

State Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley and the Eugene Register Guard, Oregon's second-largest newspaper, have both called for Wu to step down.

Wu's own staff had asked him to seek psychiatric help following these episodes just before the November election, according to The Oregonian.

Wu appeared on "Good Morning America" last week to discuss the situation and said that he has no plans of stepping down and will seek reelection in 2012.

"The people of Oregon have selected me to do a job and I'm going to do it," said Wu to KATU-TV.

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