Serbia Latest Country to Face Protests

Over 50,000 protesters rallied outside of the Serbian parliament building in Belgrade on Saturday in support of early elections.

Leaders of the Serbian Progressive Party organized the protests to oust the current party in power, the Democratic Party. The next set of elections is set to be in mid-2012.

In a Bloomberg report, Tomislav Nikolic, head of the Serbian Progressive Party, blamed the Democratic Party for "ruining the country."

Demontrators from across the country participated in the protests, riding in on buses to take part, according to BBC News.

Serbia has become the last country to see large examples of opposition towards the current government, following several Arab and Middle Eastern nations, such as Tunisia and Egypt.

Part of the reasoning behind the urgency of the demands comes from the fact that Serbia hopes to become a candidate to join the European Union, Bloomberg reports. An estimated $3 billion of foreign investment is expected next year.

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